Thanks for visiting Danny Couch Fan Addicts. This site will be a place where lovers of Danny can come to find out about performances, CD releases and places where you can meet him and take photos.

Occasionally there will be a photo booth rental after the show where you can get an up close and personal chance to have your very own photo taken with the man, the legend, the master himself!

It’s always a pleasure seeing Danny Couch perform live. He’s one of the best entertainers in our country, but especially in the state.

Why is Danny the Best?

Danny’s the best because he never holds back and is always excited to take photos even when it’s in the photo booth after the show.

He’s also the best because he has persevered in the face of adversity and stood for equality for all people.

He remains a student of his singing craft and aspires to be the best that he can be, even though he’s already a star.

Great For Any Event

In addition to being an all around great entertainer his voice is so smooth and soothing that it makes me feel like I’m in a safe place.

I know that he has gone through some of the same struggles that I have and so it’s great to be able to listen to him and feel understood.

His music isn’t just for casual listening, it makes great accompaniment for weddings, events, parties and anywhere that good wholesome music is appreciated.

Events where Danny’s entertainment really shines.

  1. Weddings – Great for getting the happy couple to enjoy each other
  2. Parties – Pour a glass of chilled wine and sip while the music soothes
  3. Graduation – When moving on to the next phase in life listen to classics
  4. Birthdays – Blow out the candles on the cake and listen
  5. Concerts – Of course the music is great for concerts. He’s been performing since he was very young.

Many Classics

One of the most important reasons to be a fan is that he has some of the most amazing music. There are so many songs that fit with whatever you might currently be experiencing in life.

He sings about the islands and how much he is a part of them, and they are a part of him. He has been singing since 12 years old so he really cares about the music or else he wouldn’t be doing it this long.

He also sings classics like ‘Hakuna Matata’ and will make you want to sink along to every word.

If you’re also an avid fan of his music we invite you to join us on this journey of a website as we celebrate and enjoy great entertainment and art.

We’ll also give you opportunities to meet him, take a photo booth photo and maybe even get a VIP experience where you can ride with him in a limousine to the show.

Where Do You Enjoy Danny’s music, and will you be visiting a concert soon to some photo booth fun?